“Log On To Our Presidents’ Day Blowout Server-Crasher Sale!”

If you were an actor, I might tell you to break a leg before you got on stage. I wouldn’t, but I might.

Way back like a hundred years ago or whatever it was when people still expected crowds in their stores, they might hold a big “door-buster” sale. Those were big on and around Presidents’ Day for reasons I’m not clear on. But they went over well, because…I mean, what else are people doing on Presidents’ Day? Name one Presidents’ Day tradition.

While you’re thinking about that, though:

With the rise of the dreaded Covid-19, those door-buster sales have largely gone online. Maybe it hasn’t been long enough for the Presidents’ Day Blowout Server-Crasher Sale to be a thing yet. But it’s not literal, anyway. Just like you wouldn’t really want your actor friend to break their leg, the owner of the local mattress store is not really hoping their door will be bashed in by rabid comfort seekers. And even if it were literal, having your server crash is much less of a problem than having a hole in your building. Because if your online traffic reaches such a level that the whole situation comes crashing down, odds are you’ve done pretty darn well already that day. You’re going to come out ahead, after the tech comes in, after the ensuing down time. Meanwhile down at the mattress store, they broke your building before they even bought anything, and now maybe they won’t because it’s a whole scene and the local news is there and everything…

I always wanted to write something for a client that would result in such a surge in traffic (in-store or online) that they didn’t know how to deal with it. Freelance isn’t free, but that would be its own reward, in its own little way. To know that I created just a little problem for my client that isn’t really a problem at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

By the time this post hits the streets, maybe you business owners will still have a Presidents’ Day sale lingering. Or maybe you’re already gearing up for your St. Patrick’s Day Blowout sale. Good luck with that. But even luck needs a little nudge.

That’s where I come in. You tell me what you need them to know, and I write it. With your loyal existing fan base, you can depend on the shares on social media that will boost your clicks, multiply your sales, and….oh I don’t know, maybe crash your server. But again, by then you’ve already done some business.


Let’s see what we can do. Contact me today. I look forward to working with you.

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