Hey, Long Time No See.

Well, hello.

Some time ago I mentioned I might be moving. And then I just carried on posting here as usual. And then I stopped. So if you missed that “I’m Moving” post and you don’t follow me on Facebook you may wonder what happened to me. Short story shorter, because I ended up writing here on a wide variety of topics, I started to feel like I wasn’t reaching anyone. I am passionate enough about a few specific things to write about them often, so I have started (so far) three different blogs.

One is about baseball. It’ll be about current events in Major League Baseball, the game’s history, the intricacies about the game itself, maybe some book reviews, or whatever else I feel like spouting off about relating to our Grand Old Game.

Another is about music. Depending on what day you catch me on, I will be a dixieland jazz know-it-all, a punk, a Beatlemaniac, or I may decide I have to talk about something weird like zydeco or something. Probably some music reviews sprinkled in there. You just can’t know until you read it.

And the third one is all about the city I live in, Rochester, Minnesota. Like the others this one is probably going to be a lot of history, some current events and a healthy helping of “did-you-know?” type stuff. As you can probably see from the blog’s title, “Not Just The Med City” it is an attempt to put the spotlight on this town beyond what it is world famous for, being the home of the Mayo Clinic.

Stop by. I’m just getting started.

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